Omaha Locations

5413 So. 72nd St., Omaha (402) 331-0520

3304 No. 120th St. Omaha (402) 498-9400

4827 No. 90th St. Omaha (402) 571-5348


If you are interested in applying for employment at one of the four CARSTAR locations in Omaha and Lincoln, please fill out the information below.

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When would you be able to start?

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School Name

Year Completed

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Course of Study or Major

Describe Specialized Training, Military Experience, Skills & Extra-Curricular Activities:

Additional Information

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Have you ever been terminated or asked to resign from any jobs?


If yes, explain the cicumstances:

Please explain any gaps in your employment history:

May we contact your most current employer?


Have you every pled guilty or "no contest" to, or been convicted or, a misdemeanor or felony?


If yes, please give details and dates of each:

Have you ever been arrested for any matter for which you are out on bail or on your own recognizance pending trial?



Remarks and Special Qualifications:

(Please include any computer systems and programs with which you are familiar.)


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