Omaha Locations

5413 So. 72nd St., Omaha (402) 331-0520

3304 No. 120th St. Omaha (402) 498-9400

4827 No. 90th St. Omaha (402) 571-5348

Northwest Testimonials

“I used Northwest CARSTAR Body Shop for the first time, and they did an excellent job! They were very respectful, and they had very good communication. They fixed the sliding door on my van, and they really went above and beyond! I’m very happy. I wasn’t expecting my car to get fixed that way! I work in a hospital, and I was talking about my car with a patient. He recommended them, and I’m glad I didn’t go anywhere else! I really appreciated all their work from the beginning, interacting with the people at the front desk and all the workers. I won’t go anywhere else now!”

Aysha A.         Omaha, NE


“I have used Northwest CARSTAR several times. I am very satisfied with the work they do. They always give their clients good service. Their communication is very good. I would definitely recommend them.”

Maureen H.          Omaha, NE


“This was the first time I worked with Northwest CARSTAR Body Shop. They did some body work on my 2006 Honda Accord after someone backed into the passenger side. It didn’t seem like major damage, but it turned out to be relatively expensive. I was glad the other person’s insurance covered it. I had no complaints about their service, and would recommend them.”

Bill S.          Omaha, NE


“I commute to Omaha and recently had a rear turn lamp go out on my way into work one morning. Carstar not only had it replaced in 10 minutes, they did so at no charge. I will be recommending them and returning for any future problems because of their excellent customer service!”

Cali S.          Lincoln, NE


“CARSTAR did an excellent job! We had some really bad snow, and I needed work on my front bumper. I went back to them 3 times because they are excellent and they are covered by my insurance. Their customer service is excellent, excellent, excellent, excellent!! I love them! I would bring my car back for any problem. Their performance is great. They are reliable, honest, and they talk to you one-on-one. I give them two thumbs up and 5 stars!”

Vera L.          Omaha, NE


“We have used Northwest CARSTAR Body Shop many times. They are always flexible and willing to do what we need. They are great at communicating with us as they work”

Robin J.          Fort Calhoun, NE


“I had used CARSTAR Auto Body Repair Experts in the past for my grand daughter’s car and my car when it was rear ended. I called them and they were very friendly! I let them know the services I needed for my car and they told me to bring it in and that it’ll be done in four days. To my surprise, they called two days later and the job was done. In sum, they provide excellent service and it was an overall good experience.”

Smith J.          Omaha, NE


“CARSTAR Body Shop always has things done on time or before when they say it will be ready. I have been going there for at least ten years, and I’ve taken my car and my wife’s car there. They are always up front with you, and you know beforehand exactly what they are going to do, and what it’s going to cost. Their prices are very competitive, and they have excellent service. CARSTAR is a very good company, and the quality of the work is what keeps me coming back.”

Roger J.          Omaha, NE


“Northwest CARSTAR Body Shop replaced the bumper on my vehicle. I had been to them before, about ten years ago. They gave me a good estimate, were easy to work with, and dealt with my insurance company. They said it would take several days, but they finished it within a day!”

Melanie P.          Omaha, NE


“We’ve dealt with Northwest CARSTAR Body Shop quite a bit as we have had a few unfortunate incidents. However, Pete is just wonderful. After backing my car into a tree, and also having it get pushed by construction equipment into a large pole, he was really wonderful in getting the repairs done and making my new car look and stay new! I was very pleased with the work. Also, they arranged for me to find a rental car making my life easier. Overall, the staff is friendly and the work is superior. I highly recommend.”

Aryls R.          Omaha, NE