Omaha Locations

5413 So. 72nd St., Omaha (402) 331-0520

3304 No. 120th St. Omaha (402) 498-9400

4827 No. 90th St. Omaha (402) 571-5348


CARSTAR Auto Body Services
Auto Body Repairs done right, right on time.

checkframeWe could talk all day about customer service and lifetime warranties but in the end, it all comes down to auto body repair. You want it done right.

And not only right…but done quickly. And done right the first time! No one does it better than CARSTAR Auto Body Repair shops. We’ve repaired more than 2,000,000 automobiles (and counting) across North American, each time using the best technicians and the best technology possible. Our training standards are rigorous, our body shops are excellent and our equipment is state-of-the art.

Next time you are in a car accident and need some repairs to your vehicle, contact us right away. Le the professionals at CARSTAR Auto Body in the Omaha NE area get you back in your car and on your way.


CARSTAR Auto Body Repair

carkeysDoes your car need a facelift? Do you have any dents in your car that you have been meaning to take care of? Do you have fading paint that annoys you every time you look at it? We all like to take some amount of pride in our vehicles. From collision repair to automotive painting . . . CARSTAR can make your vehicle look brand new all over again.

CARSTAR shops are the “Auto Body Repair” experts! No matter what service we perform, there’s one thing you can always count on: exceptionally quality each and every time.

Don’t forget…when accidents happen, CARSTAR Auto Body is ready to help with your collision repair needs.